Friends with your friends

by Veev

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released April 22, 2017

voice, guitar, baritone uke: genevieve degroot



all rights reserved


Veev Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: f.w.y.f.
i wanna be friends with your friends
but when i walk down your street
i get a sickening feeling
like i'm gonna throw up.
and you don't necessarily know i was there,
thinking about calling you up,
incase you were around
cause it wasn't a very fun party
and the girl i showed up with
was trying to kiss me, and so was her boyfriend
and they're so annoying
and i thought i'd be much better off
even at your place, which is saying something, i guess.
but i lose whether i call you or not
either i'm weak, or you won't know me
but you messed me up a lot
and are we ok with that end?
i wanna be friends with your friends
Track Name: second impression
brother would you help me i'm coming down
i'm not pretending, i'm not pretending
i need some orange juice or something like that or i'll pass out
would you drive me to the 7/11

and i promise
i'm more fun to hang out with when i'm not so anxious
and i don't make a habit of becoming helpless
just so i could ask for your attention

and all those people we made fun of
do you think i sound just like them?
do you think i sound just like them?
Track Name: the void / Madison
there's a calling of the void and it's singing to ya
saying do you remember when?
you were listening to the noise and it was reckless of ya
cause I don't love ya, madison

I was humming to the sound when I stepped into your house
like I knew that I wouldn't come out
and the void is calling out from our carefully-built boundaries
saying what if we jumped off of these?
we could jump right off of these - and isn't that a thing for doing?
lay our bodies down in ruin?

i was cutting the alarms when i stood above ya
saying why don't we go ahead
so you ran into my arms, and it was reckless of ya
cause i don't love ya madison


there's a calling of the void and it's singing to ya
Track Name: so mean
i don't wanna tell you what i mean,i just wanna go to sleep
and you wanna talk about it. you wanna know what i'm thinking

well i bet you don't! i bet you won't be happy in the morning
whether or not i say anything at al

and i still like you a lot but i know it's probably not as much as you like me
cause you've got so many feelings that i don't wanna deal with...

aren't I so mean??? aren't I so mean